Our Team

Pictured above is our incredible staff of bartenders and sales associates who help make everything run like a well-oiled machine. Be sure to thank them the next time you are at The Jug, not just for great service, but for putting up with all of our shenanigans every day!


Katy Creech

Katy is the face you’re most likely to see behind the counter at The Glass Jug. As our full-time store manager, she runs all the day-to-day operations. But, she knows more than how to run a cash register and pour a pint of beer. Katy is a Certified Beer Server and homebrewer, so she’ll be able to wow you with her beer knowledge if you have any questions about various styles, the brewing process, beer and food pairing, etc.

Katy manages our store staff and the inventory you see on the shelves, so if you ever have beer suggestions or questions about what is in stock, she will have the answer. And, if you have any comments about the store or ideas of how we could make The Glass Jug even better, please share them with Katy.

Chris Creech

As a Certified Cicerone, BJCP beer judge, award-winning homebrewer and blogger at NChomebrewing.com, Chris knows a thing or two about hops and barley.

Chris’ role at the store (other than being the supportive husband to Katy) is to make sure that The Glass Jug is doing all of the little things right to be the premier beer store in the Triangle. This means making sure the draft list has something for everyone and that inventory is rotating, so all the beer on the shelf is fresh. Additionally, Chris will be teaching various beer education classes at The Glass Jug.

Chris will be traveling across NC, working with all our great local breweries to plan special events and limited beer releases. So, look out for some truly special beer, cask events, and opportunities to meet and talk to local brewers throughout the year.