When you stop by the store, you'll likely see the set of 24 lockers set up in the back hallway.  And you will probably think it seems a bit odd for a beer store.

It is.

The lockers are part of "The Varsity," our VIP beer locker program, which is our way of providing a pretty sweet incentive to some of our best customers.

Each year, 24 people rent out the locker space and are given a lock.  These 24 people are the first ones to be notified of select rare or limited-release beer offerings that make it into the store.  They have the ability to call "dibs" on a beer before it hits the shelves. The beer is then stashed away in their locker until they come and pick it up.

Locker renters have the right to renew each year, but we expect there will be some (albeit limited) turnover, so make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter to be notified whenever locker spaces open up.

Any lockers that open up each fall (late August) will be added to an online silent auction. 100% of the proceeds from the auction will be donated to a local charity. This season (2018-2019), all of the funds from the auction are being donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Durham & Orange Counties. The highest bidders will each snag a locker for the next 12 months, and have the ability to renew each subsequent year at the set rate.

Bidding for a spot on the 2019-2020 Varsity will be august 19 - 22, 2019.

access the auction via the link below: