The Atrium


The Atrium is our event space that is available to rent for private parties and corporate events. The space offers seating for 28 people in it's normal configuration with tables. More folding chairs can be brought in to seat up to about 35 people. The space is complete with it's own TV, music speakers, private access to the bar, and a dedicated entrance to the beer garden (not reservable).

Food can be brought in or catered through any local restaurants or food trucks. We have a partnership with Chapel Hill Restaurant Group, who offers catering to our event space for very reasonable rates. Their special catering menu is below and can be downloaded here.


Reserve Our Space

To request a reservation for the Glass Jug event space, simply fill out the form below. We will then contact you with rental rates for your requested date and confirm if the space is available. Note that rates vary based on day of the week and time of day, with our busiest and most expensive rental rates occurring on Thursday - Saturday evenings form 4-8pm

Think an Atrium rental might be overkill for your small gathering, but you still want to congregate at the Jug? We love getting a heads up when you are bringing parties larger than 10 people. We cannot reserve space other than through our Atrium rental program, but giving us a heads up that your large party is coming can help our staff better prepare and ensure quality service while you are here. To give us a heads up, email

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