Our Beer

Our beer is an ever-changing selection of seasonal, one-off, and small-batch beers that feature unique and local ingredients, new brewing processes, and cater to the tastes of our neighborhood.


One-Off Specialty Batches


Dry Irish Stout

The inaugural batch brewed at The Glass Jug Beer Lab for a St. Patrick's Day 2018 release. A classic low-alcohol dry stout, this beer was awarded Best of Show at the NC Brewer's Cup.

Light and crisp, but dark in color, this is a great everyday beer that is easy drinking and refreshing, while providing the classic roasted notes of coffee and chocolate you expect in a stout, without the overpowering thick sweetness. 


Monk's Lawnmower

If the Monks were drinking a beer while mowing the lawn at the monastery, it would most certainly be a Patersbier. Monk's Lawnmower is a super-drinkable, light, crisp Belgian ale with a subtle hint of spice from the Abbey Ale yeast and a measured addition of Grains of Paradise. The hops are subdued but balanced enough to add a light earthy floral character to the finish, while still allowing the pilsner malt and Belgian yeast take the limelight.


Rotating Year-Round Series


Opacity series

Opacity is the name of our series of hazy New England-Style IPAs. Look for different versions of Opacity that feature new hops, fruit additions, and other adjustments. The thing they all have in common is a soft mouthfeel, big hop flavors and aromas, and the prototypical haziness due to the use of wheat and/or oats and hopping during active fermentation.


Transparency Series

Our second series of IPAs will be more recognizable to the IPA purists. Pale straw to light copper in color, and lacking the haze of the Opacity series, these IPAs will draw from the roots of West Coast IPAs, providing a light crisp body and more assertive bitterness, while retaining a ton of hop flavor and aroma. Variations of Transparency will also utilize fruits, various hops and hopping techniques, and other process adjustments to create a variety of hop-forward beers.


Pi Series

All of the beers in the Pi series start with a Germain Berliner Weisse base beer. Light and tart, these beers utilize pilsner and wheat malt, are lightly hopped, and, through the use of lactobacillus, create a tart and refreshing beer. Each Pi series beer then sees additions of fruits, herbs, spices, or dry-hops to create a unique, one-of-a-kind flavor experience. Expect these beers to feature seasonally-available ingredients throughout the year.