Timelapse: Building The Glass Jug

During the construction process, we mounted a small timelapse camera on the front wall of what would become our new store.  The goal was to capture all of the work that goes into getting a space, that was formerly a diner, split in half and ready to open up as a craft beer store. We also let the camera keep rolling through the grand opening.  So if you were here for opening day, you might just catch a glimpse of yourself, but don't blink, it goes by fast.

This is roughly three months of footage that has been cut down to just under 10 minutes of video.  Some of our favorite highlights to look for include:

  • The water main break that flooded the space when cutting the concrete for the bar plumbing (oops!)
  • The speed at which we, with the help of some awesome volunteers, painted our walls
  • The shelves getting stocked with beer for the first time
  • Watching people's glasses empty and refill at hyper-speed on opening day

Maybe this will only be really interesting for us, but we figured some of you would find this at least a little bit interesting, so without further ado...