Why We're Proud of Our Bottle & Can Pricing

"Do I get a discount if I buy a full six pack?" That's a question that we hear a lot, because just about every beer in the store is priced individually. It makes sense that if you buy more, you would get a discount, right?

I'd actually like to take a step back before we dive into that.

Single bottle pricing was first introduced to give the consumer the ability to "mix-and-match" their own six pack of beer, allowing you to try more beers without having to commit to paying for a full six pack. But retailers got behind it because they saw it as a way to increase their margins. Consumers would pay for the added convenience of mix-and-matching.  You could take what would be a $10 6-pack and charge $2 per bottle, and you're making an extra $8 on every case of beer sold. Easy math.

Since Katy and I have been beer consumers for much longer than we've been beer store owners, we decided to come at this a slightly different way. We say, why not let you have your cake and eat it too? So we made the decision to offer *all* of our beers individually without charging for the added convenience. Instead, we decided to charge the same price for the bottle as we would for the same bottle as part of a six-pack. Literally just taking the 6-pack price and dividing it by six.

But that seems crazy, right? Not necessarily. Our thinking is that you're most likely going to walk out with 6 beers regardless, and if you're mixing and matching, you're also likely to pick up one or two bottles that are a bit pricier than you would have otherwise spent on a 6-pack. So it's a win for us to offer by the bottle pricing.  And, you're even more likely to take advantage of this mix-and-match concept if you know you're not paying more for it. That warm fuzzy feeling will hopefully make you want to come back again once you drink those six brewskis.

So, back to the original question - "Do I get a discount if I buy a full six pack?"

No. But you're not being penalized for buying a six-pack, either. You still get the same great six-pack price, whether you're walking out with just one bottle of that beer, or a full sixer of a single beer.

Craft beer is a delicious, labor intensive product, brewed by guys and gals who have a passion for their work and mostly aren't walking home to a giant payday. We're not going to use their hard work to create our own payday. We just want to make sure our employees go home with a living wage, and we make enough margin to keep food in the dog's bowl at home, while providing you, our customers, with an enjoyable place to hang out, and a nice curated selection of craft beer that you can purchase individually or as a six-pack and know that you're getting the best price around.