Beer Lab Construction Update #2

A lot has happened since we posted our first construction update a couple weeks ago. At that point, we were just transitioning from repair work to the actual renovation of the space.

The first thing was having our new concrete slab floor poured.

Ahh, fresh concrete

Ahh, fresh concrete

Once the concrete was set, we were able to start simultaneously working on several aspects of the project.

The framers have been on site framing out all of the new walls that will separate the restrooms, office space, bar, event space, and brewery. You'll notice some big openings in the walls. This is where we will be installing glass windows and/or doors so that everyone can see the brewery in action.

In addition to walls, we had the HVAC team working above the ceiling installing the new HVAC system. It's a monster of a system that will efficiently keep our space comfortable all year long, even when it's full of people.


While this was happening, the electricans have been working tirelessly on a few big projects. They first dug a trench behind our space where they laid conduit to provide power to our shed where the grain mill will be. Additionally, they supplied power for our outdoor lighting and for food trucks to plug in. Yes, that's right. We'll have food trucks on site once a week. More info on that coming soon!

Inside, the electrician has been running all of the electric for our new lighting and all of the power for the brewing equipment.

We also had two new doors cut in the back. One will be to access the beer garden from the event space. The other door will be a staff entrance into the brewery area. The exterior block hasn't been removed yet, but the cuts have been made.


Our friends from Divinity Beer Systems also spent a day on-site installing our new walk-in cooler. It's a big one! It will serve many uses, as it holds all of the beer we'll have on draft, as well as the spare kegs. It will also have a separated area for storing all of the beer from the on-site brewery.'s going to hold a lot of beer!


Lastly, I began working on mapping out our glycol and steam systems for the brewery. We'll be installing that ourselves, with the guidance and assistance from some really awesome folks who I think deserve a shout-out: Jay Bond, Jeremy Bond, Michael McAddo, and Alex Smith. These guys have been instrumental in helping me learn some plumbing basics and figure out how our glycol system will operate and how to connect our steam boiler to the brewhouse.


There is a lot of work left to be done, but things are moving quickly and we're still aiming for a February opening. Hopefully, we'll have another exciting update for you after the holidays!