Beer Lab Construction Update #6

Things just got real. I mean really real.


On Wednesday, all of these bad boys rolled up to our back door...a door they were too big to fit through. No worries, we rented a forklift...that was also too tall to fit through the door. We'll spare you the details of everything that happened next, but you can ask us about it over a beer sometime. The important thing to know is that, by the end of the day, all of our fermentors, the brewhouse, and all of the associated equipment, was in place in our new space, having all survived #johnshole.


We have installed new toilets so everyone can easily return the beer they rent from the brewery, and our lights are all beginning to be hung over our bar, which is really coming together. It'll get a fresh coat of polyurethane in the next few days to really make it shine. We're pumped about the new vinyl subway tile backsplash behind where our beer taps will be installed in the next week or so.


The steam boiler that will heat the brewhouse is also being installed and plumbed this week.


Lastly, the painters have been trying to squeeze in while all of this has been happening (we're all working right on top of each other...painters, electricians, plumbers, steam piping, bar building, etc.) and they have primed almost all of the walls. The first coat of final paint will also be applied in just a couple of days!

There is still plenty of work left to be done, but things are really coming together, and we're excited that it is really starting to look like a brewery. We can't wait to have you all in for a pint in a few weeks!