The Beer Lab

The Glass Jug Beer Lab is an on-site nano brewery producing one-off small batch experimental beers that you can only find at The Glass Jug.

The Beer Lab gets its name from the experimental focus of the brewery and as a nod to all of the fantastic scientists in our backyard here in the Research Triangle Park area.

The goal of The Glass Jug Beer Lab is to cater to the ever-changing palates of our local customers. The small size of the brewhouse allows us to produce a large variety of different beers, using new, unique, and interesting ingredients to craft exciting flavors in each of our beers.

We do not have a set of "flagship" beers, but if you have a beer you really love, let us know, and you may see it make a repeat appearance. You can also follow the link below to read more about some of our core series of beers.

The Beer Lab operates much like a working laboratory. There are strict quality control procedures in place, while safety and sanitization practices are used to avoid contamination and work to make sure the beer that makes it to the tap is of the highest quality.

Brewing is at the intersection of art and science. The Beer Lab team utilizes our creative side when crafting recipes and sourcing ingredients, but once a beer rolls into production, we understand and respect the importance of sound scientific practices and we believe it will result in a superior beverage that you're going to love.