JUGs (Just Us Gals) Events


What lady wouldn't like a night out to try some great beers, learn new things & hang out with some awesome chicks? Well, we planned one. What is it?

We are planning monthly ladies-only events, and our first get together is Tuesday, October 21 at 6 pm. We're doing a flight of fall beers, so everyone can get a better idea of which styles and beers they like most!

The event costs $10 and includes a guided tour of the beers and some light snacks. It would be ideal if you & your friends would RSVP via our 

Facebook event

. Please also submit requests for which fall beers you've been wanting to try on the page.

Why only ladies?

Sorry, gents. I think there's something special about ladies having a chance to hang out together and chat beer. I started to write a blog post about why, but I've determined it's kind of hard to articulate. The highlights of my thoughts are:

  • We know you don't mean to be, but men are often a little intimidating to many women while we are learning to have educated conversations about beer.
  • We talk about things with each other we don't talk about in front of you. Don't ask what they are - we don't talk about them with you.
  • When it comes to beer, some of you guys talk a lot. Sometimes we are selfish and want all the talking time to ourselves.
  • I'll never forget the group of women I used to have beers with once a month before life and busy schedules pulled us apart. It was refreshing to have another woman in a group look right at me and ask what I thought about what I was drinking (with no pressure of to say the "right" thing) and then value what I had to say. I want lots of other women to have that feeling, too.

So men, we really do love you, and we hope you'll forgive us for leaving you out. But, every now and again it's nice to be surrounded by our own sex.

Will the guys be left lonely during JUGs night?

Nope! The Glass Jug will still be open for regular business during the event, so guys are welcome to congregate at the bar. I'm sure there will be other gentlemen hanging around to chat with and that a good time will be had by all.