Press Release: The Glass Jug Announces Expansion, Addition of On-Site Brewery & Beer Garden

DURHAM (NC) - Katy and Chris Creech, owners of South Durham craft beer store and neighborhood bar, The Glass Jug, announced today that they will be expanding the reach of their craft beverage store by adding an on-site micro brewery and beer garden. To facilitate the expansion, The Glass Jug will be relocating within the Greenwood Commons Shopping Center at 5410 Hwy 55 in Durham, moving a few suites from their existing location, into a larger space with a grassy back yard which will accommodate outdoor seating and regular food truck visits.

Perhaps the biggest news of the expanded footprint of The Glass Jug is the addition of the on-site brewery, which will produce small batches of experimental, one-off, and collaboration beers for on-site sale at The Glass Jug.

“We’re thrilled with the growth we’ve experienced over the last 2 and a half years,” said Chris Creech, who will lead brewing operations for The Glass Jug. “This growth has given us the flexibility to expand and take on a new challenge, which will continue to position The Glass Jug as the community center for the growing South Durham area.”

The brewery falls into the “nano” designation because it will produce fewer than 5 barrels of beer with each batch. Creech says this size will allow The Glass Jug to stay nimble, experimenting with many different styles and unique flavors, rather than being tied down to producing set flagship beers.

“Each batch can be something new and different,” added Creech. “If we brew something that folks really like, we might brew it again, but we’re not committing to any specific lineup of products, as we want to brew to our consumers’ tastes.”

As part of the expansion, The Glass Jug is rolling out a new logo and branding as The Glass Jug Beer Lab - positioning the business as a craft beverage destination, consisting of a retail craft beer store, a bar with 24 beers on draft, and the new brewery.

A grand opening date has not yet been announced, though Creech said they are aiming for January, 2018. As part of the move, the existing Glass Jug location will be closed for one to two weeks to allow for the relocation of the equipment, inventory, and furniture from the existing location.

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