Flagship Beers at The Glass Jug Beer Lab

OK, so the title of this post is a bit misleading because we have no plans of producing what would be considered a "flagship" beer. We don't have the capacity to the desire to produce a single beer over and over so that you can have it year-round.

Instead, we will be focusing on one-off experimental test batches that feature unique ingredients, new processes, or the latest styles, in addition to some tried and true old-school beer styles.

However, we do plan on introducing you to a few different series of beers we are working on.

The Pi Series

The first series we will be introducing is a series of Berliner Weisse style sours that are low in alcohol with mild acidity and complemented by additional fruits or adjuncts. For example, we have done test batches of Strawberry, Rhubarb, & Basil Pi, Dry-Hopped Pi, Black Currant & Cherry Pi, and a Peach & Mango Pi. You can look for these, as well as lots of new flavor combinations to start rolling out once the brewery officially opens.

These beers are intended to be balanced and approachable for drinkers who don't typically gravitate toward the sour beers, while still being complex and enjoyable for sour beer enthusiasts. The flavors will change with the seasons, and you may find some to be more tart, while others finish a bit on the sweeter side.

The Opacity Series

One of the biggest new trends right now is the "New England-Style" IPA. These are IPAs brewed with very little bitterness but a lot of big, fruity hop flavor. They are hazy in appearance and often use wheat and oats in the grain bill, along with water chemistry adjustments to create a smooth, soft mouthfeel that is contradictory to the expected bright, crisp bitterness that is usually associated with IPAs.

Our Opacity series is our line of hazy IPAs. We will use this series to experiment with different hopping techniques, different hop combinations, and even various fruit additions. Thus far, we have done test batches of Opacity 1, Cryo Opacity, and even a Mango Double Opacity. If you like the smooth, juicy IPAs, be sure to look for the latest in the Opacity series once we open our doors!

The Transparency Series

Because we love hops, we couldn't have just one line of IPAs! We'll also be rolling out the Transparency series, which is a more typical West-Coast line of IPAs. These beers are not generally going to be hazy and will have a brighter mouthfeel with higher levels of perceived bitterness and IBUs.

However, we will still have beers in this series that span the spectrum from the piney and dank to the citrusy and melony; from session-IPA to double-IPA, and even some fruited versions!

Other Series On the Horizon

We are also in the early stages of putting together a few other series for you. We've purchased a variety of different small wine and spirit barrels that will be making an appearance. For those of you who like the dark beers and prefer chocolate stouts to fruited sours, we'll have something for you as well. And, since we want you to hang with us all day, we'll also be rolling out a series of sessionable lower-alcohol beers this spring. 

Be on the look-out for all of these series making appearances in test batches soon and hitting the taps when we open the doors at the new brewery in early 2018!