Beer Lab Construction Update #3

It's been a couple of weeks since our last construction update and it simultaneously feels like a whole lot has been happening very quickly and not very much is happening and it's moving very slowly.

Regardless, it seems we're about due for another update since we are hoping to have everything roughed-in in the coming days and will very shortly be beginning with drywall, light fixtures, and all of the fun stuff that will make it start looking like a brewery!

First, the most noticeable change since our last update is that the new bar has now been mostly framed out. You can see where we are creating a U-shaped bar and even a small pass-through window into the adjoining event space. There will be a glass sliding window separating the main bar from the event space.


Several other changes can be seen now, but will all be covered up once the walls and ceiling are hung. Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC contractors have been busy upgrading and adding in new pipes, wires, and a whole new HVAC system. These are now almost completely in place.

Our new double-door has been installed. This will be the employee entrance to the brewery and will be the doors our equipment will be coming in through. We're already working on the logistics on how to get our brewing equipment off the truck where it will be standing up, laid down on a pallet to fit through the doors and carried inside, then stood back up again and placed where we need it.


Lastly, a lot of work has been done preparing for the next round of construction, some of which we will be doing ourselves. Katy has been working out a plan for paint colors, and I have been ordering all of the parts needed to assemble our glycol loop for the beer fermentation tanks. I've also been debating installing our own steam system for the brewhouse, while simultaneously getting quotes from pros who deal with heat and pressure for a living.

Our overall schedule still looks like we will be closing up the current space in very late January or early February, preparing us for opening the new space in early- to mid-February. That is still very much a moving target, but as things currently stand, that is what we're aiming for. We'll give you another update in a couiple weeks. By that time, we should have some sheetrock up so maybe we'll even post a virtual tour video...